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Dec 2015

Black country shotokan will open its doors for the first time on Friday 8th January 2016, it is going to be the first ever WTKO registered club in the Black country. What makes it even more unusual it is run by two female insructors and it for females. It is a joint venture and the brain child of two 3rd dan blackbelts with a long history in training in shotokan karate. The first session will be free so why not come along and give it a go.




8th Dec 2015

Fantastic news for Black country shotokan one down one to go, Aimee sensei has completed the kyu grade examineers Exam and has been given the all clear by sensei Scott Langley in order for BCSK to grade their own Kyu Grades, Danielle sensei has also started the process of completing her exam, we would like to wish her the best of luck not that she will need it.

Kyu Dan (2)

12th DEC 2015

December 2015 was the first chance for Black Country Shotokans instructors to attend the WTKO GB Christmas course. The instructors packed up their dogi and set off down to Gloucester (in the rain as it would have it). On arrival they were greeted by the ever smiling faces of sensei’s Bligh and Shepard, Gi’s on and after a quick warm up then the real fun began.  

The course was taken by sensei's Amos and Langley, each session was split into two sections with Richard sensei taking the first half and Scott sensei the second half. The theme that ran through the whole of the day was how important your Kihon is. This was demonstrated by various kihon techniques, it was amazing how a simple change to the way you perform your basics changed the feeling of the whole technique. This was later reinforced by Scott sensei taking the class through Hangetsu outlining the feel and motion and connection of each move. Richard sensei then gave the class a marvelous experience of Bassai dai broken down into sections and explained each move in depth.

The day was made even more special by the fantastic karate-ka BCSK met on the day new and old. Unfortunately due to other commitments we could not attend day two, well there’s always next year.



9th Jan 2016

The year started off witha fantastic course at Akashi Shotokan under Scott Langley sensei it was well attended by members of the WTKO and other organisations. The first session covered ways of developing your kihon it reinforced some of the elements covered on the christmas course and expanded on them using solo drills and partner work.

The afternoon session was for senior grades and was a break down of various element of

Unsu kata it was a eye opener on the differences between the budo and sports version of the kata. Scott sensei has a wonderfull understanding of this kata and had some really good tips on how to practice and perform the kata. At the end of the session we got to run through the kata with scott sensei at the helm, leading by example.

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