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The Dojo kun is a Japanese martial arts term literally meaning (training hall) rules. They are generally posted at the entrance to dojo or at the "front" of the dojo (shomen) and outline behaviour expected and disallowed. In some Dojo's they are recited at the end of a class. The dojo kun are listed below, like most text that gets translated there always seems to be something lost in the translation. The english translation in brackets is nearer to the true meaning but for a much more detailed explanation please see Richard Amos Sensei's video on the dojo kun below.



Hitotsu! Jinaku Kansei ni Tsutomuru Koto -

Seek Perfection of Character

(Strive For The Perfection Of Character)


Hitotsu! Makoto No Michi O Mamoru Koto -

Be Faithful

(Defend The Path Of Truth)


Hitotsu! Doryoku No Seishin O Yashinau Koto -


(Foster The Spirit of Effort)


Hitotsu! Reigi O Omonzuru Koto -

Respect Others

(Honor The Principles of Etiquette)


Hitotsu! Kekki No Yu O Imashimuru Koto -

Refrain From Violent Behavior

(Guard Against Impetuous Courage)