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Black country Shotokan Karate Club                                                                                                                                                            Dudley Leisure Centre,

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The system of coloured belts did not always exist in karate it was adopted from judo more of a means for the sudent to track thier progress. Not all clubs have the same colour belts but all clubs tend to use the counting down of numbers for the Kyu grades (10th to 1st) and up the numbers for the Dan grades (1st to 10th).

See below for BCSKs belt colours and what kyu grade it relates to, click the belt for a link to the related grading syllabus.

orange yellow red Purple orange w Brown Black Brown and W green blue

10th Kyu - Orange belt with a white stripe

9th Kyu - Orange belt

8th Kyu - Red belt

7th Kyu - Yellow belt

6th Kyu - Green belt

5th Kyu - Blue belt

4th Kyu - Purple belt

2nd Kyu - Brown belt with a white stripe

3rd Kyu - Brown belt

1st Kyu - Brown belt with 2 white stripe


Once the student has passed Black Belt the grades are known as Dan Grades, for example when you first pass you are a black belt first dan. Then comes second dan and so on.

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