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Black country Shotokan Karate Club                                                                                                                                                            Dudley Leisure Centre,

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Aimee Morris 3rd Dan


Aimee is one of two Principal instructors of Black Country Shotokan Karate club in the West Midlands. Aimee started training in 1994 aged 13, at a local Wado-Ryu club. However her uncle was training at a Shotokan club at the same time and convinced her to come along and give it try. She officially started training at A.S.K.C in October 94. Three years later she achieved her 1st Dan under the M.B.K/ A.M.A with J.M.Flavell, and her 2nd Dan in 1999.

She reached 3rd Dan in 2003 under the A.M.A. Aimee has trained for over 21 years, only taking a break when she had her two children.

During her time with A.S.K.C she has travelled the country training with various senior graded karate instructors including Rick Jackson Sensei, Terry O’Neill Sensei and George Best Sensei. She has also competed in national championships as part of the M.B.K. female team and individual kumite, winning various awards.

The turning point in her karate journey was when she trained under Scott Langley Sensei in 2014. It was then that she realised that there was something missing from her own karate. She had started to look outside of her own club teaching and attended course which further broadened her knowledge.

After a discussion with her fellow karate-ka they decided to open up their own dojo, and decided the WTKO was the only way forward due to fact that scott sensei was the head of the WTKO uk. So began the Black Country Shotokan Karate Club. Unfortunately due to our decision to join the WTKO their Sensei expelled them from both from A.S.K.C. However her eyes are firmly focused on the future and with the support of the WTKO family feels that her karate and the karate of her students is in good hands. Onwards and upwards.

Danielle Woodward 3rd Dan


Danielle is one of two instructors at Black Country Shotokan Karate Club in the West Midlands.

Danielle started training in 1997 aged 6 at Bradley Shotokan Karate Club with Wayne Hadley Sensei. Three years later the club got passed to a new instructor due to Wayne Sensei suffering from an injury. Her new sensei merged the club with his own and this is when her training with A.S.K.C began. One year later she went on to achieve her 1st Dan at the age of 10 under Dave Sharkey Sensei. She achieved 3rd Dan in 2014 after 18 years of training and a short break due to injury. During her time with A.S.K.C she has taken part in many courses including a weekend training session with Scott Langley Sensei. In 2014 she competed in a local competition winning 1st place in both kumite and kata and a trophy for best female all-rounder. After a lot of thought the decision was made to open her own dojo- Black Country Shotokan, affiliated to the WTKO with her fellow karate-ka. Unfortunately due to their decision to join the WTKO their Sensei expelled both of them from the A.S.K.C. However she is looking forward to what the future will bring and is confident that with the support from the WTKO her new club will go from strength to strength.

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