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Black country Shotokan Karate Club                                                                                                                                                            Dudley Leisure Centre,

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By BCSK, Apr 23 2016 08:01PM

Well today was BCSK's very fiirst couse, we were glad have the chance for Andrea sensei come to our dojo to do a small up close course. The course went so fast it almost seemed like someone put the clock forward. For Black Country Shotokan students its been a busy few weeks first grading and first course and they all did fantastic so very proud. Some very good points to work on and also a new Kata to go through, a great day to look back on.

By BCSK, Apr 10 2016 04:10PM

Well this week has been a very special week BCSK had thier very first grading, now in Japan after a grading everyones name would put onto a wooden plate (Nafuda) and hung on a board in grade order for all to see. As Bcsk dont have our very own dojo, the next best thing is our website so please take a look at our Nafuda pages on our website..


By BCSK, Apr 8 2016 09:42PM

Well done ladies you have done your instructors proud, time has gone by so fast and how much our ladies karate has developed in such a short time. Keep it up ladies well done.... The path is along one but its well worth traveling.

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Black country Shotokan Karate Club                                                                                                                                                            The Village Hotel and Leasure,

Email : blackcountryshotokan@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                Castlegate park, Dudley,

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