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By BCSK, Oct 29 2016 06:16PM

BCSK hoisted Simon Bligh Sensei, for what ended up being a small afair. It was a fantastic course and everone got simon attention to help inprove on their Karate. As usual the two hours just seemed to fly by. This was BCSK's last course of the year and it was a good one to finish on.

By BCSK, Aug 20 2016 06:35PM

August, the month that Black Country Shotokan instructors make what we hope will be the first of many visits to Scott Sensei's Hombu Dojo in Dublin.

Monday, having flown in to Dublin and everything and everyone seemed to be trying to slow us down and stop us from getting to the dojo for our first session. On arriving (and after a slight dogi malfunction) we joined the line and had a fantastic double session under Scott sensei. The dojo was hot and sweaty but what a fantastic experience it was training in this very special dojo for the first time.

Tuesday saw the first instructors session of the weeks, if you have had the chance to read Scott sensei's book Karate Clever as you can imagine we were all feeling little apprehensive. Well the the first session was lets just say a challenge at one point i didn't think we would make it to the end. Well no doubt you want to know what we did well I'm afraid you will have to make the trip yourself. The afternoon session saw Ross sensei teach a fantastic session inspired by his time in New York with hip movement and drills, the partner work on snap and relaxed (heavy) punching was lets just say an eye opener.

Wednesday, the second instructors session the group woke with what seemed like a body full of aches and pains. We were all hoping that day two of instructors training couldn't possible be so hard. How wrong can you be, the session from the other two days had started to take there toll. Scott sensei as always led by example no standing back and counting he was in the line as always driving us all on. Wednesday Evening saw a rest from training (Family time the children had been Golden as always, they get dragged everywhere with us and never moan).

Thursday, Last push last two session of the trip, the first one the instructors session. Hard work again but it seemed to fly by, was we getting use to it? We finished with a little kata that gave us a lot to think about, more things to work on but that had become the theme of the week. The afternoon session saw the Dojo full of students and visiting instructors from other dojo’s as well. As alway Scott Sensei was on top form, he built on some of the concepts we had worked on over the week and put them into practice with the use of soshin. All through the week after each session notes were made so not to miss out on any gem we covered. No doubt this will be what we will be working on over the coming months.

A final send off after the last session we went out to the local pub, a chance to sample a pint of Guinness in its home land. We would like to thank Scott Sensei for giving us this opportunity and all at the Hombu for you help and guidance. Heres looking forward to the next time we get to do it all over again….

By BCSK, Jun 13 2016 05:09PM

Well what a weekend it has been. what a fantastic course with Simon Bligh Sensei. A back to basic session attended by 9th kyu to 5th Dan and it was amazing how it suited all grades. Lots of elements to work on and the ladies of BCSKC loved every second. Heres looking forwards to the next time sensei simon comes back to the Black Country..

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